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HIH Therapy is here for you:

Please do not struggle alone in isolation at this time.  HIH Therapy offers sliding scale and phone/video sessions at this time and for the forseeable future.  Insurances are paying for these sessions as well.

This is an unusual time of stress for everyone.  Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness can be overwhelming.  Conflicts that have been unresolved can surface.  I understand that privacy can be difficult while we are isolating.  There is always a way.  Please reach out if you are experiencing anxiety, panic, grief, anger and any other persistent emotional stress.  

Hearts-In-Healing Therapy

Unless we connect with our hearts, we will not find healing and wholeness. Good therapy will guide, inspire and motivate a client to live their best life through attention to the whole person; working with body, mind and spirit to feel safe to explore and discover their true selves.

"Hearts" Focus

Client-focused therapy meets us where we are and builds on our strengths, engenders hope and cultivates courage to discover those strategies and skills that renew, revitalize and repair our best selves for individual, relationship and family health.

"Hearts" Adventure

Find your unique voice to empower yourself to live your best life; working together to re-connect with our deeper selves and each other, we find renewed purpose. Good therapy is a great adventure that can lead to greater harmony within ourselves, with our partners and our families.

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