Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.  Carl Jung (1875-1961)


"2H" Therapy offers specialized services in the following areas:

Couples Therapy

Significant-Other, Pre-Marital, Marital, and Same-Sex Counseling offers partners and spouses the opportunity to renew, repair and re-engage with each other to form a stronger, cohesive and caring bond and commitment. Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy ("EFCT") is the therapeutic approach utilized for the most effective results within 8-20 sessions depending on the level of distress of the couple. Issues most often occurring with distressed couples are emotional distance, communication or lack thereof, increased conflict, and an inability to resolve areas of distress such as finances, parenting, professional and personal concerns and needs. EFCT is a non-pathologizing and non-blaming approach that helps each unique couple understand their negative patterns and cycles, become aware of individual needs and how to construct a new "dance" through a safe therapeutic context to explore emotional re-connection.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a process that encompasses brief therapy addressing situational or behavioral concerns or a longer term process that embraces a way to manage more challenging issues that are affecting the ability to find the freedom to live capably meeting day-to-day responsibilities and engendering healthy choices. 


Group Therapy

Group therapies provide an effective, economic support as a sole therapeutic process or paired with individual therapy.  Groups offer an experiential connection with others; support through safety and cohesiveness; and personal growth exploration.  Groups help us recognize and become aware of our problematic behavioral or relational patterns that inhibit personal growth and happiness. 

Groups are offered September through June and require a one-time consultation/assessment before the first session.  Groups run in 12-week sessions with an option to continue for another 12 weeks.  Group rates vary from $20-40 per session or at a discount for full payment for the 12 weeks.

Groups that are offered include:

  • Women's Process
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction
  • Trauma/PTSD

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